Pedestal Paver Systems

Pedestal paver systems for building elevated decks

Pedestal paver systems enable elevated decks or exterior raised flooring to be easily installed on rooftops or over sloping or uneven substrates without requiring an expensive supporting structure of beams or bearers to be constructed, which in many cases will not be permitted on a roof deck surface. Porcelain or concrete pavers are simply laid over the pedestals to construct a perfectly level plaza deck.

Pedestals offer the simplest and most convenient method of constructing decks over pipes, cables or service ducts and for constructing perfectly level rooftop decks with lightweight roofing pavers. Pedestal paver systems can be used a most diverse range of applications, including landscaping, elevated decks, roof decks, balconies, patios, plazas, terraces, patios and water features.

Adjustable height pedestals typically consist of three sections; a wide circular base, a screwed columnar body and a flat circular head into which spacer tabs are mounted. The central screwed column is turned either left or right to raise or lower the height of the pedestal, allowing small height adjustments to be made even after a paver has been laid. To ensure the paver surface is parallel with the head of the pedestal when the substrate is uneven or sloping, slope adjustors are placed either on the head of the pedestal or under or base, or in the case of the Eterno elevated paver system, a swiveling head provides automatic slope compensation up to 5%.

A single pedestal will allow height adjustment in a defined range, such as 2″ to 3″. At the lower end of the height range, extra height is provided by either a taller base or a taller central screwed column. Where even greater heights are required, extension elements are added between the base and the central column.

The lowest height of a typical adjustable height pedestal is around 1 1/2″. Below this height, fixed height support pads are used to support pavers, either on their own or stacked to give the height required, and micro-adjustment is provided by placing rubber shims on the head of the support pad.

Eterno Pedestal Paver System

Archatrak exclusively supplies the Eterno paver support system which is widely recognized as one of the most innovative decking support systems available Eterno pedestal have a number of unique features that not only provide superior performance, but enable quicker and easier installation of elevated decks. These pedestals can be used with any structural grade paver – porcelain, concrete, stone or wood.  We supply two models of Eterno pedestals,  the SE Series and NM ‘Maxi’ Series.   What’s the difference?

SE series pedestal system component
SE Series
  • incorporates an exclusive self leveling head with automatic slope compensation up to 5%
  • quicker and easier installation especially on substrates with variable slope
  • ideal for deck elevations up to 21.75″
Maxi pedestal system component for supporting pavers
NM ‘Maxi’ Series
  • fixed head design with shims to provide slope compensation
  • features wide diam. (4 1/2″) screwed column
  • can be used for deck elevations up to 39″
  • lower cost – up to 22% lower in cost than SE Series
  • only 4 pedestals cover the range 1.125″ to 6.5″ c.f. 5 pedestals for SE Series

Both models of adjustable pedestals have wide 6″ diam. heads with soft rubber inserts for shock and sound absorption, inbuilt spacer tabs, wide, flat 8″ diam. bases with marked grooves to assist in cutting the base and the ability to make height adjustments after installation.

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With our range of porcelain stoneware pavers and structural wood tiles, Archatrak offers fully integrated pedestal paver systems for any elevated deck or roof paver project, ranging from high end residential roof decks to commercial high traffic plazas and water features.

Bison logo of BFC

Archatrak is proud to support the Montana based Buffalo Field Campaign in their efforts to protect the last remaining wild bison Pedestals in many ways symbolize the strength, surefootedness and resilience of these magnificent creatures.

For every Eterno pedestal sold, Archatrak donates $0.10 to the Buffalo Field Campaign, which is the only group working in both the field and policy arenas to stop the harassment and slaughter of America’s last wild bison. Your pedestal purchase will support the vital ongoing work of this nonprofit organization.

For pricing or further information on the Eterno range of decking supports, porcelain pavers or Ipe wood deck tiles for a complete pedestal paver system, call us on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.