Prime Series Pedestals

Self-Leveling Adjustable Height Pedestals with Bicomponent Head

Eterno pedestals offer one of the fastest and easiest to install support systems for constructing elevated decks and plaza decks due to a number of unique benefits.

The Eterno Prime range of adjustable screwjack pedestals incorporates a self levelling head to compensate for sloping ground and the pedestals offer continuous height adjustment from 1 1/4″ to 16 1/2″.

Shims of 1 or 2mm thickness can be laid in segments between the paver and the pedestal head to compensate for any slight differences in the thickness of adjacent pavers installed on the pedestal. Normally such shims are not required with porcelain pavers due to the tight dimensional tolerance in manufacture.

Where pavers are laid directly over concrete, fixed height paver support pads either 1/2″or 3/4″ high with inbuilt spacer tabs can be used, which compensate for slight irregularities in the concrete surface and offer fast, low cost installation. These same fixed height support pads are also used in installations over sloping ground where the initial height of the first row of pavers is to be made as low as possible

Features of the Eterno Prime Series Pedestal System

  • capability of supporting loads of over 2000lb
  • self adjusting heads automatically compensate for sloping substrates up to 5%
  • screwed concentric columns enable continuous incremental height adjustment from 1 1/4″ to 16 1/2″ using only three pedestals.
  • inbuilt spacer tabs save time and effort of inserting multiple tabs into every pedestal head
  • bi-material heads with soft rubber surface provide superior sound deadening and shock protection
  • safety stops prevent pedestal components from being unscrewed beyond their safe working limit
  • scored lines on the pedestal base provide an easy guide when cutting pedestals to fit flush against wall
  • special height adjustment tool enables paver height to be adjusted from above even after installation is complete
  • wide circular base ensures even load distribution and avoids damage to waterproof membranes
  • lightweight but strong and durable polypropylene construction

 Eterno Prime Series Components

From 1 1/4″ to 16 1/2″, (models PR1, PR2 & PR3) the pedestals consist of a circular base component, a threaded central column and a self leveling head.
Above 16 1/2″, screwed extension elements can be added between the central column and base to increase the height even further

A comprehensive catalog for the Eterno series of adjustable height pedestals can be downloaded from our Brochures page.

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