Porcelain Landscape Pavers

Solutions for creating exceptional on-grade patios

Porcelain pavers offers a superior alternative to concrete pavers for laying paved surfaces over sand, gravel, grass or existing concrete with an outstanding range colors and styles including simulated wood and stone looks.

No longer are your options for exterior paving limited to concrete pavers, brick pavers or other paving stones, all of which have their specific problems, either with installation, use or maintenance. You can lay porcelain pavers without the need for thinset and grout, they are much lighter and easier to handle than concrete, and much larger than brick pavers. And since porcelain is essentially a non-porous material, it doesn’t absorb water or suffer from freeze/thaw cracking like concrete. It doesn’t fade or change color over time, stain or have issues with from mold and mildew, and is extremely easy to clean. Being a particularly hard and dense material, it resists scratching and scuffing, even in high traffic commercial applications.

Since porcelain pavers are lighter than concrete and stone pavers, they are easier to transport on site and easier to lay on a sand/gravel beds. If laying over existing concrete such as a patio, installation is even easier. Using Archatrak rubber support pads, simply slide a support pad under each corner of the pavers, the alignment and spacing being taken care of by the inbuilt spacer tabs. These pads prevent the pavers from rocking due to any slight variations in surface height. You can stack the pads on top of each other as required up to a height of approx. 1.5”.

Benefits of Porcelain Pavers for Landscape Paving

• A broad range of colors and styles unmatched by other paving materials

• Resistant to staining with grease or oil – use around BBQs and grills
• Won’t suffer from freeze / thaw cracking
• Resists scratching and scuffing – ideal if you have pets
• 24” x 24” or 36”x 18” size pavers are ideal for covering large areas
• DIY installation is possible for many applications
• Very low maintenance
• Much lighter than concrete

Brief Installation Guidelines

On sand and sand/gravel beds the surface should level and well compacted.  Tile spacers should be used to keep the pavers precisely aligned. For more detailed guidelines including installation on sand or gravel beds, please download our Porcelain Installation Guidelines brochure.

Over existing concrete such as patios, we recommend using our rubber support pads to support the pavers. These pads have inbuilt spacer tabs which not only make installation quick and easy, but ensures accurate and precise alignment. Due to the excellent frictional properties of rubber, the pavers stay securely in place, generally eliminating the need for a restraining barrier around the paved area.

Our rubber support pads can normally be stacked to a height of approx. 1.5” enabling you to construct a perfectly level patio surface even if the substrate is sloping slightly. Minor height adjustments to correct any slight unevenness of the substrate is accomplished by placing 1/16” thick rubber shims between the pads and the pavers.

To estimate how many pavers and pads you require, the best idea is to draw a plan of your proposed project on graph paper.  If you have difficulties in estimating requirements, just send us a sketch of the area and we’ll make an estimate for you.

Color and Styles

A Partial selection of our range of US made porcelain pavers is shown below.
Click on the images below for a larger view.

XT-Silver (36″x 18″)

Shoreline – Shelly Beach

Shoreline – Driftwood

Shoreline – Charcoal





For more color options, see our main Archatrak porcelain paver color page as any of the full range of pavers can be used in any on-grade application in addition to pedestal supported elevated decks.

If you are looking for outdoor commercial seating to complement our range of pavers, we are now promoting a range of solar seating with phone charging capabilities. The full range can be seen at our dedicated website www.archasol.com

To discuss a specific project or get answers to your questions, call us at 866-206-8316 or send us an email.